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Pente Pitch Challenge

Digital Immersive Experience February 22-23, 2022

Educators, students, technology leaders and changemakers: dive into shaping the future of learning at ShapingEDU’s first-ever Pente Pitch Challenge! 

About the Pente Pitch Challenge

Imagine a Shark Tank-style online event where five teams, each led by a ShapingEDU Groundbreaker (Community Leader), will get together virtually to cultivate a project charter that aligns with one of our 5 Calls to Action and pitch to investors for funding. 

Last summer, ShapingEDU changemakers from around the globe gathered virtually to strategize and design approaches to some of the Wicked Problems facing learning. This work helped hone ShapingEDU's original 10 Actions into 5 new Calls to Action. With these refreshed Calls to Action, five teams of dreamers, doers and drivers dove in to design and pitch a project to potential sponsors and strategize that work that will be done in the coming year.

We asked our global ShapingEDU Community to share which challenges may actually be the best opportunities for impact and change for each Call to Action. With the Community’s feedback to guide them, each Action Team created a project charter and pitch presentation to get funding for their project ideas.

Interested in partnering or sponsoring? Connect with Stephanie Pierotti, Director of ShapingEDU, to explore opportunities!

Event Agenda

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 | 9:00a.m. - 2:30p.m. MST

9:00 - 9:30a.m. | Welcome! + ShapingEDU 2022 Preview

Get an introduction to the Pente Pitch Challenge, learn more about what’s planned for ShapingEDU during this calendar year and more.

9:30 - 10:15a.m. | Introduction to ShapingEDU’s Serious Play Studio + Interactive Game

On Day 1, Pente Pitch Challenge participants will engage in our new ShapingEDU Serious Play Studio, interactive game-based events that develop your antifragile thinking skills to become today’s solvers of tomorrow's challenges. Some goals of this sessions are to encourage and increase connection between team members and to provide support for our teams in engaging in the work of furthering ShapingEDU’s 5 Calls to Action.

10:15 - 10:45a.m. | Introduction to Pente Pitch Challenge

Together, we’ll walk through the ins and outs of this two-day, virtual event to give you greater detail about what to expect and what is expected.

10:45 - 1:15p.m. | Action Team Working Sessions

Day 1 will conclude with the five teams having their first working session to start planning their charter and pitch. During the working sessions, the teams will review all of the ideas submitted by the global ShapingEDU Community and develop opportunities that align with their assigned ShapingEDU Call to Action.

1:15 - 1:35p.m. | Regroup + Action Team 5x5s (Quick shareouts)

Teams will give an update on their progress for the day.

1:35 - 2:10p.m. | Lightning Introductions to Expert Resources

Meet our event coaches and mentors as they share their strengths and how they can help with your team’s pitch!

2:10 p.m. | Preview of Tomorrow

Let’s reflect on our efforts during Day 1 of the Pente Pitch Challenge and prepare for tomorrow’s big day, culminating with investor pitches!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 | 8:30a.m. - 2:45p.m. MST

8:30 - 8:35a.m. | Welcome to Day 2!

We’ll gather together to set the tone for a day of dreaming, doing, driving…and pitching!

8:35 - 9:05a.m. | Keynote: Imagining Liberatory Futures, Together

Day 2 starts with Katherine Price, Vice President, Strategic Foresight for, joining us to take a look at challenges and opportunities affecting our ability to create the education futures we desire. Drawing upon KnowledgeWorks’ forthcoming (March 2022) forecast on the future of learning, Imagining Liberatory Education Futures, Together, it will invite participants to imagine how we might take action now to begin putting in place future educational systems and structures that enable each child, youth and lifelong learner to thrive. 

9:05 - 9:35 a.m. | Student Panel Discussion

ASU students will join us to share what they believe are opportunities for improvement and change in 2022 and beyond.

9:35 - 9:50a.m. | Energize with ShapingEDU's Serious Play Studio

Before teams gather for their working sessions, our Serious Play Studio team will energize teams to engage in more creative, collaborative work!

9:50 - 10:00a.m. | Prep for Working Sessions & Coach/Mentor Office Hours

We’ll touch base one last time before you work with resources and put the final touches on your presentations for judges.

10:00 - 1:15p.m. | Action Team Working Sessions & Coach/Mentor Office Hours

Teams will continue to craft a project plan and a pitch presentation. Resources will be available during Office Hours, a time to connect with coaches and mentors who will help you create the perfect presentations to make your ideas come to life. These appointments are available in 15-minute blocks.

1:15 - 2:10p.m. | Pitch Presentations to Judges

2:30p.m. | Funding Announcements

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Action Teams


Meet The Expert Resources! (coaches and mentors)

Karina Branson, ConverSketch
Visual communicator and graphic facilitator who will ensure your presentation exudes with creativity.

Margaret Izard Oskoui & Cassidy Smith, Peacock Voices
Vocal instructors who will help your voice be heard.

Kiersten Hathcock, Shark Tank alum, author, owner of Mod Mom Furniture
Pitch coach who will help you succinctly pack key information into your presentation.

Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D., ShapingEDU Groundbreaker & Serious Play Studio Designer
Black Swan expert who will help you design antifragile projects.

Stephanie Pierotti, ShapingEDU, Director
Marketing and business development expert who will review projects and make sure they align with ShapingEDU's 5 Calls to Action.

Tom Haymes, ShapingEDU Groundbreaker
Output-focused Community Leader who will help you plan impactful, sharable outputs (online classes, toolkits, workshops and more).

ShapingEDU Pente Pitch Challenge 2022 | Day One

ShapingEDU Pente Pitch Challenge 2022 | Day Two

ShapingEDU Pente Pitch Challenge 2022 | Expert Resources

Interested in sponsoring? Connect with Stephanie Pierotti, Director of ShapingEDU, to explore sponsorship opportunities!