Birthday cupcake with "4" candle lit

Happy fourth birthday, ShapingEDU!

Stephanie Pierotti

— Apr 25, 2022

ASU's ShapingEDU was founded in 2018, focused on three intertwined words of action: dreaming, doing and driving. Separately, they’re strong. In combination, they’re unstoppable. We must dream big, collaborate to bring our visions to life and nurture every seedling of success for the lifelong learners of now and tomorrow.

On the fourth birthday of ASU ShapingEDU, we celebrate with a new logo, a new website and a heightened focus on collaborative, changemaking projects that produce sharable, actionable resources. Our Pente Pitch Challenge earlier this year emphasized this, resulting in five new innovative projects. Making all ASU ShapingEDU resources and events free to everyone means that we can create meaningful change for global lifelong learners, regardless of physical location or socioeconomic status. The ASU ShapingEDU Community serves as a global catalyst for innovative approaches to learning and supporting learners, extending progressive thought leadership from ASU and its partners out into the broader world. 

The new ASU ShapingEDU logo joins five pieces to represent our five Calls to Action, the focal points around which our Community collaborates to foster change. The pangea-like joining of the pieces represents our “one world” philosophy: we convene and connect worldwide changemakers who are passionate about making education an affordable, ubiquitous, high-quality, rewarding and lifelong adventure. The five colors represent the diversity in our community, as we lean into building even stronger representation from varied backgrounds and differing communities of practice. 

First and foremost, we strive to serve people. Technology is a tool. Tools don’t build and fix – the empowered people using them do. We must never lose sight of our responsibility to help learners achieve their dreams to allow global communities to thrive.

Stephanie Pierotti

Stephanie Pierotti