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Wrapping up 2022: The year in review

Stephanie Pierotti

— Dec 22, 2022

It's hard to believe that winter is here, and the new year is just around the corner. It feels like yesterday that the ShapingEDU Community was dreaming up ways to help learners and educators around the world.

Those dreams transformed into Calls to Action, Action Team Projects, and an abundance of outputs. Let's reflect on some of the exemplary work and moments of our ShapingEDU Community, shall we?

ShapingEDU milestones from this year

Virtual events to serve as catalysts for our work
We hosted events that advanced key initiatives in lifelong learning, like

Global storytelling that captured education's evolving "new now"
The Are We There Yet? Project Team collaborated with students, educators, technologists and more from Canada, the United States, South Africa and beyond to create a video series telling honest stories of learnings from the pandemic. Watch all their interviews.

Changemakers who are advancing innovation in their community
Community Member Lisa Gustinelli expanded broadband access in Florida with support from the Federal Communications Commission.

Celebrations of important moments in our history...and preparation for our future
Read our blog post on ShapingEDU's fourth birthday.

Browse some of our 2022 resources:

Thank you to each member of this Community for all we have achieved in 2022.

I invite you to spend the next few weeks thinking about how you can level up your efforts as a ShapingEDU changemaker in the coming year.

Whether it's attending our upcoming Global Community Solutioneering Summit, participating in a Project Team, sharing resources with colleagues or a new opportunity that has yet to be created, join our global Community of changemakers as we help lifelong learners thrive in 2023.

Stephanie Pierotti

Stephanie Pierotti